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Going Clear

Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright

Review and Commentary by Jesse Prince

Though difficult to believe I guess it’s been over two years since I first met Lawrence Wright. The details are hazy as to how I came to allow myself to be interviewed by him. As per standard usual, someone I’ve known and worked with in the past will insist that I talk with this person or that person and that’s usually how it starts. I am notorious for a few things, not doing interviews or associating myself with news and entertainment reporters is high on that list. My usual way of handling reporters who request an interview with me is to refer them to what I’ve already said or written before and politely disappear. I wasn’t always that way, not at first. I’ve involved myself with news and entertainment reporters for at least a decade. The finished report published from these interviews was invariably the same. The reporters would take my words, my story and convert it into their story or special interest they wanted to report on.

In the past I’ve interviewed with reporters who only wanted to talk about celebrities in Scientology or some recent high profile defector. An interview with Entertainment Tonight comes to mind. I sat with a reporter for hours talking about Nicole Kidman after Tom dumped her. Scientology lawyers threatened to sue and the segment was cancelled. I also interviewed with Der Spiegel in Germany in the late 90’s. I tried to explain to the reporter how Scientology uses its technology and policies to manipulate people, politicians, lawyers and judges alike, in an effort to subvert the system. When I finally read the article that came out I wondered whom they interviewed, someone had just made up a different story and published it instead. 

Just over two years ago, I decided to write my own story about my experiences and associations with Scientology. In this way there would be no interpretations or make nice alterations of what I have to say. 

I was rolling along pretty good, writing and freely publishing on the Internet via my blog Jesse’s Place the story I wanted people to know; but then I got very sick and nearly died.

This is the backdrop story of how and when I met Lawrence Wright. Someone strongly recommended that I read an article he had written in the New Yorker magazine. I remembered that article; it was painfully long, 26 pages in fact. There was an unusual quality about the writer’s presentation that held my full attention even through the pedantic parts.

I agreed to talk with Lawrence but this time I did something I had not done before. I looked him up on the Internet and I researched who he was and what were his credentials. My research on Larry revealed he is a Pulitzer Prize winning Author of The Looming Tower, a screenwriter, blah, blah, blah. What caught my attention was his involvement in performing and playing music. I learned that Lawrence was a keyboard player in a blues band in Austin, Texas. I have always been a deeply committed blues fan, especially rock style blues. One of my favorite Texas blues musicians is Johnny Winter whom I’ve listened to since the early 70’s. The other Texas blues superstar was Stevie Ray Vaughn. Both of these artists admit a major influence on their music came form the King of Texas style blues, Mr. Albert Collins. There are other places like Chicago and Memphis that have great blues history. Each of these great blues centers has a distinct sound that distinguishes it among its peers. Lawrence’s literary resume was impressive enough but the fact that he was a Blues man kicked him up a few hundred notches with me so I agreed to talk with him and eventually we met up in Chicago.

Lawrence informed me he would be in the Chicago area visiting family and he asked to visit with me. We agreed I’d meet him at his hotel; I was not ready to bring him home yet.

When I met with Lawrence he appeared to be somewhat shocked by my appearance. I could tell he was being polite about it but he was not prepared for what he saw. No picture of me from the past could have prepared him for what he saw in front of him. I was in the middle of my chemo treatments and my body was literally breaking down. My Oncologist explained to me that the bones in my neck and spine were more of the consistency of a hard cheese as opposed to bone. I could not support the weight of my upper body without assistance.  I had a metal cage type brace that started at my waistline and extended up my back and chest to my armpits.

 In addition, I had to wear a full neck brace to support my neck to hold my head up. I had lost over 40 lbs. and all of my hair everywhere. I had taken to habitually wearing a scarf to cover my baldhead to stay warm. I have always had thick coarse reddish hair but it was gone. My clothes were baggy, I had black circles under my eyes; I know I looked like shit and death was riding my ass real hard.  I felt like I existed by my will alone.

I had lost feelings on the right side of my body and had something called “Drop Foot” were I couldn’t flex my right foot up or down anymore. The cancer was attacking the nerves in my spine. To compensate I walked with a cane. So I come staggering in to see Lawrence with this unforgiving condition wearing plastic and metal apparatus just to get around, he was cool about it though. He asked me if he could record and videotape our meeting. In my heart I reluctantly agreed because it seemed apparent it was a good time to make and leave a record while I could.

I explained to Lawrence that I was there to help him in any way that I could but I cautioned him that the story he was engaged in about Scientology was his story. I informed him that I myself was working on a book to tell my story. I told him I did not want my story to become his story. In other words I would help him in anyway I could but he did not have permission to make my story his story.

That was the hard part. After that, we talked and he disarmed me faster than a drunken high school girl at the Prom after party.  I answered all of his questions plus some! I also asked him about his band and his interest in the blues. We talked as two blues aficionados would about the music. All to soon his time in Chicago was over and we promised to stay in touch, which we did.

Out of necessity, I went on to focus on my health and recovery full time. Occasionally over the months and years, Lawrence would call and ask me questions or he would ask for my opinion, which I always freely gave to him. I once again had to put my writing project on the shelf to deal with unexpected complications from my disease and it’s cure for a time.

Some months ago, Lawrence called me and left a message saying he had a question for me and asked that I call him back. It took some weeks for me to call him back, possibly longer. After we exchanged brief salutations I asked him about his band and if he had been performing recently.  He responded to my inquiry with a hardy chuckle. He told me about an incident that happened at a well know club in Austin, TX. The club was raided by the Feds, something about suspicion of drug trafficking.  I’m not entirely certain on the details but the point being, the judge who granted the search warrant on the club had a niece that was a fledgling musician that wanted to perform for the crowd.  Lawrence told me the club had sponsored a talent contest for young people and this young lady who was the niece of a federal judge was invited on stage to perform with Larry’s band. I know I ‘m making this sound complicated put its really not. Larry told me the warrant-issuing judge watched his niece perform on stage at the club with his band. A short time after, the Feds raided the club. Fortunately, Larry’s band was not there for all of that confusion. Now that’s the kind of story two blues aficionado’s could share and find infinitely amusing!

We had this conversation some time in December of 2012. Finally I got around to asking him about his book and when expected it to be published. He said right after the first of the year in 2013 the book was due to be released. He told me there were some complications with getting the book released in Canada and the UK, but he was pretty sure the book would be released after the first of the year 2013.  I told him I would look for it for sure. In closing, he remarked I think you will find a few things in the book that you didn’t know about. I chuckled and said okay we’ll see. I informed him that I no longer had to walk around with all the body armor anymore. I told him I didn’t even walk with a cane and I grew this huge Afro. He got a good laugh from that, again we promised to stay in touch.

Sometime towards the end of January, 2013 my brother Ron called and said there was a package for me that had been delivered to his address in Chicago. At the time I was visiting my elderly father in Memphis, TN. My father is the real Jesse Prince; I’m Jesse Prince Jr., a mere copy of the original. Within a matter of days I traveled on an Amtrak train from Memphis to Champaign, Ill. From there I drove to my brothers place in Chicago and picked up my complementary copy of Lawrence’s book, which his publisher graciously provided to me. Lawrence had really piqued my interest when he said there was information is his book that even I didn’t know.

The last book I’d read on the subject of Scientology was titled; Counterfeit Dreams by Jefferson Hawkins. Anything written by a person who was involved in the inner workings of the Sea Organization and no longer patronizes dead L Ron is as rare as hen’s teeth or honesty in any government in the world. I found Jeff’s account brutally honest and humbly forth coming. Maybe for the first time I better understood Jeff’s commitment to the application of marketing principles he strongly believed in and the brilliance of his ritual application of what he believed in. The results he was able to achieve can only be defined as a modern day, full display of Alchemy or ritual magic or a miracle. Through execution of ritual steps and his intent, Jeff was able to navigate Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health back onto the New York Times Best Sellers list for weeks in a row. How can a long ago discredited pseudo science by a known Science Fiction writer and Flim Flan man, the late and very dead L Ron Hubbard be resurrected like that in these modern times? How do you explain that? Maybe it’s my use of the word ritual that may throw you off?

I’ve read other books written about Scientology but this one by Lawrence is different. Because of the shear amount of people interviewed he was able to add facts and bring clarity to many issues surrounding the past and recent history of L Ron Hubbard and his new religion.

Starting with the first chapter The Convert through to the second chapter Source.

The last place to go find out what is Scientology is a Scientology Organization! I’ve had plenty to say about L Ron in the past but I never accused him of things I was not personally aware of. I had never really read or heard anything about L Ron getting too loose with the ladies until I began to research his history for my writing. The information I was able to find was minimal or complete lies because the Scientology public relations machine authored it.

Before I read this book I thought L Ron was mild when it came to acting out sexually. I had only heard of one instance of his infatuation with one of his converts, Yvonne Gilliam. Come to find out, dead L Ron had a voracious appetite for young ladies. I also didn’t know his last wife who he abandoned; Mary Sue was 20 years younger than he was! 

I had no idea of the constant physical and mental abuse he inflicted on his multiple wives. The riveting tale of how Sara was finally able to escape from him with her child Alexis (pg. 75-78) mirrors what others have had to do to escape Scientology, it amounts to a prison break.

To read how L Ron punched Sara in the stomach to try and induce an abortion of their daughter Alexis doesn’t seem to be good conduct for a humanitarian. I also appreciated how Lawrence took the time to explain why Sara would hang on and try to help Ron through the abuse. The complexity of human nature is showcased through Lawrence’s revelations of the complex relationship between L Ron and Sara verses her maternal instincts. L Ron had issues with personal insecurities, and abandonment. Sara was a nurse by trade and felt obligated to support L Ron even though she knew he was insane.

L Ron’s military career has been written about by others and disputed by corporate Scientology since that conversation began. In my opinion Lawrence’s account of L Ron’s military record is completely unbiased and fair. His information about dead L Ron’s military record far exceeds anything I could find on the Internet. Lawrence’s account does fill in some gaps though.

I was also impressed by the way Lawrence chronicled L Ron’s progress and achievements as a writer. Opinions aside, L Ron was a prolific writer without equal to this day. The usefulness or validity of what he wrote can be argued and debated but the amount of writings he produced earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, which speaks for itself. 

As a result of my own research on the genesis of Scientology, I’d come to the opinion; the premise of L Ron’s theories for Dianetics and Scientology was primarily derived from the works of Aleister Crowley, Madam Blavatsky, Albert Pike and Sigmund Freud. L Ron Jr. commented on his father’s fascination with Crowley; saying he even wanted to be him (pg.44). I appreciate Lawrence’s candid, unbiased interpretation and rendering of what he was able to discover about L Ron’s associations and participation in ritual magic and Lucifer worship. Finally I was shocked to learn about L Ron’s homosexual liaisons with the late Robert Heinlein. L Ron may have had a guilty conscious about his sexual activity with a man because he sure tried to put some distance between himself and gay sex through his strange books Dianetics and Science of Survival.

The next chapters, “Going Overboard through The Faith Factory” chronicles the genesis of the Sea Organization along with its original crew. Lawrence is able to bring insight and reason into the bizarre behavior of abuse and torture, which became a right of passage for any successful Sea Organization member. For a person who was never, and I’m pretty sure will never be a Sea Org member, Lawrence was able to understand the psychology of the unspeakable within the group; as arequirement to move up the ladder to Hubbard’s crows nest, an individual had to be willing to be severally abused and be willing to abuse, or tolerate the severe abuse of another or others. I refer to it as demon and zombie training. Later on in the book, the current leader of Scientology Miss Cabbage refers to the end result of this training as “Pie Face.”

I am not one to bite my tongue so I speak plainly and simply. It’s no secret that I do not like Mike Rinder and I don’t like hearing about him. That’s how I use to feel about him, I don’t feel that way anymore. Lawrence was able to disarm Mike and look inside of his pain and confusion to find a diamond of truth to explain the madness that is Scientology.  The reference to the “Pie Face” look reminds me of pictures of starving children who’s face lack any expression, or a child that has been abused and has no facial expression. It’s the same look of total defeat and hopelessness and it’s the look a person gets just before death. It’s the face of a human or animal for that matter who’s will has been overwhelmed and nearly destroyed.

I don’t wish that on anyone but this is the new “Technology” being created in Scientology by the new master David Miscavige.  If this isn’t Zombie training than what is?

I liked the way Lawrence told the story of how Scientology was able to antagonize some IRS officials into submission thus ending the Department of Justice criminal investigation. It was at this moment Scientology became too big to fail. Like it or not Scientology has a pretty impressive record with out smarting law enforcement here in America. They are able to do this because they hire former FBI and CIA agents to subvert the system. Scientology also pulls from its ass an impressive list of Hollywood Celebrities to do its bidding. Scientology has such deep pockets now it will always be around in some form or another here in America. It’s so crazy here in America that the law says corporations have rights like people. How can an individual person ever compete with a billion dollar corporation?

I realize a good percentage of information about the IRS, John Travolta and Tom Cruise came from Marty Rathbun. Only he would have the details as provided in this book.  I appreciate the fact that Marty decided to no longer keep all secrets for Tom and the rest.

Starting with the chapter, In Service to the Stars to the books conclusion; this is the most disturbing part of Lawrence’s book. Let me start with Tom Cruise. I met Tom at the Gold Base while he was in the middle of his divorce with Mimi Rodgers. This was when he was in production with the movie Day’s of Thunder.

When I met Tom he was genuinely shy, but once he got comfortable with you he was amazingly normal and playful. He seemed like a big playful kid. I spent hours in the Scientology Studio (Studio Two) with him listening to sections of his movies. Tom was unhappy with the sound because you couldn’t understand what he was saying in certain sections of the movies. Of course, Scientology had the answer; it was called “Clear Sound.” I’m not going to get into the whole story about that now but suffice to say Tom was a nice person who was very appreciative of any help or assistance he got to help him with the problem. He even offered to PAY us for our time. He would buy food and fruit baskets for the staff because he was not allowed to pay. He had that million-dollar smile and a trademark infectious laugh that made him a joy to be around.

Now look! Scientology takes perfectly good people and transforms them into monsters! The story of Tom’s transformation and subsequent demon training has changed him completely. Lawrence painfully chronicles Tom’s moral decent with his goody and vulgar awards he’s received for being a good bitch dog to David Miscavige.

While earning hundreds of millions of dollars, Tom now prefers free slave labor to cater to his every decadent need. The book also details how Tom is so socially inadequate he can’t even find a girlfriend with out Miscavige arranging him a date. I hate to go all vernacular on you but how fucking pathetic is that? Oh but Scientology has convinced Tom he is a communications genius!

Lawrence finally brings some truth to John Travolta and his gay tendencies. John is also a pathetic bitch dog to Miscavige. He uses his airplane to facilitate kidnapping staff who try to escape the cult. Both he and Tom are criminals against decency and humanity. Both are in a position to do great good for their fellow human. Instead they choose to join the small crowd of insecure people that have to have their foot on another’s neck. Evil sociopathic tendencies are developed and magnified in Scientology; Lawrence does a good job detailing how it happens.

Lawrence’s book makes it painfully clear that Scientology has a death grip on Hollywood and has for a long time.

Lawrence has done a great service to humanity by taking up the challenges this book obviously brings. He put himself in personal danger to bring the information in this book out in the open and available for those interested in the subject, and we all should be.

Lawrence even provides information about a United States President, Bill Clinton who was shilling for this crazy ass cult.

Scientology is all about deception and lies but there is some truth there. When something walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, than it’s probably and duck.

The last revelation L Ron makes at his death (OT 8) besides being a total failure; he says he is the Satan of the bible. In his mind dead L Ron’s intent was to be a god and to enslave every man. At a conference in Hamburg, Germany someone who represented himself as Anonymous asked a question. The question was; can Scientology be reformed? My answer; reformed to what? Shit is shit no matter how many flowers or perfume or nice pictures someone may spray or lay on it. It’s still shit.

Thank you Lawrence for taking the time to produce this work, it was sorely needed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jesse Prince


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2012 Lemons and Lemonaide

What a beautiful day it is here in Chicago. The weather is heaven sent.  We have a modest temperature of 72 degrees with a dry 37% humidity with bright sunshine. My day began with an early morning cup of coffee and a trip to the doctor’s office for a routine checkup.

Today is a one-year anniversary in more ways than one. Last year on this exact day of June 6th I smoked my last cigarette!  I’d smoked cigarettes on and off for the last 40 years. I had never gone a full year without the slightest puff on a cigarette before so this is a milestone in that regard.

After all this time I’m just now getting a Primary Care doctor. She is of India decent with decades of experience in physical rehabilitation therapy. I’m thinking maybe a reprieve from my Oncologist, the no-exercise Draconian, Dr. Jain. She is so physically and mentally gorgeous to me that I have a hard time taking her serious  until she says stuff like; Mr. Prince, do you want to be a cripple? Remember when I showed you your charts of the bone disease? Your bone structure is more like cheese right now instead of the bone it was.

The reason I got that lecture from my sweet Dr. Jain has something to do with my daughter and a doctor’s visit with Dr. Jain’s boss some months earlier. We make our own trouble, remember that.  The incident in question concerned a fresh x-ray of my neck and spinal area and what it revealed.  

Again, on this day one year ago, I received a similar ex-ray and for the first time someone who was medically inclined saw and evaluated the damage cancerous tumors were causing to my neck and spinal area.  I was immediately admitted into emergency urgent care.

I’ll never forget, when after further blood test were done the horrid truth was revealed. I was diagnosed as having stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. The cancer had spread throughout all of my lymphomas glands, tonsils, both lungs, spleen, liver and genital area. I remember when they started the morphine drip; it was the first time I was able to escape pain in weeks.

The rest is history and already well written. The point being, heavy damage control was employed by a medical team to arrest any further damage to my poor spine.  Throughout my chemo treatment, later CT scans and X-Rays would confirm the damage had been arrested as a result of the ongoing treatment.

There was a psychological process that I had to live through to find a balance with my new life ahead. Call me crazy, but the idea of being disabled in any way never really entered my mind as a possibility in any reality. As soon as I was able to stand on my feet for about a half hour, I tried to rolled right back into my usual routines. In my mind, I assumed I’d just suffered something akin to pneumonia or maybe the flue that was so not the case.

Long story short; the day my sweet Dr. Jain told me my cancer was in remission, she also found a new fracture in my spine! This irritated her and my daughter to no end. Through a series of not so polite questions, my doctor got me to admit to the fact of my mistake,  I thought I was well enough to have sex again. It sure had been a long enough time with the chemo and everything. All hell broke loose with my disclosure and that was the end of that.

Given the circumstances, I was improving from the cancer at an unexpected rate. Mentally, there was an adjustment I was trying to make in relation to my activities and my health. I was told if I held any hope for recovery I needed to be patient and take all the time necessary to heal. I made the decision to do what’s best but it feels so unnatural.

I knew I had a story to get out and I thought writing would pass the time, but wrong again. I began to feel like life had lost it’s meaning somehow. My doctor had informed me after my cancer had gone in remission that her collogues had written me off as far as living is concerned. She was the only one that could see the possibility that I could survive my ordeal.

Surviving a near death experience was one thing on its own. Trying to reconcile the reason for still being alive plagued me for months. During the first week of my hospital stay I had gone through the death process. I left my physical body, turned around and saw how broken it was and went on to another place. I went through a tunnel of light accompanied by a great and loving spirit. This same spirit did a life review with me, which I found hilarious, and she brought me back to this plane of existence.

For a time I became depressed. Life seemed without meaning and unfulfilling. I was so happy when I was almost dead and I just wanted to go back. I had no problems with being dead to those who knew me in life. When I was almost dead being human seemed as inconsequential as filing my nails. In the dead zone there was not pain and no restraint! There was nothing I couldn’t do. Physically my body was about 24 years old. In that state I was only limited by my own imagination. During the weeks that followed, I had many exploits into otherworldly nether regions beyond my ability to describe and this is where I wanted to be, not here in this painful physical plane.

I knew that I had a book to finish but I was uncertain about the direction the story would go. I spent many days empty and blocked as far as writing was concerned. I was so frustrated and all I could think of to do is pray. Sure enough the story came to me.

I had already written some of what I felt I needed to contribute before I’d gotten ill. What I had written was good but there was a problem. I wasn’t the same person I was before I nearly died.  I had a new perspective on what I needed to write about and how to write about it.

Without further explanation I want to share with you the first few pages of what I’ve rewritten since starting the story again. I have completed what I want to write and I only have the end to complete.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Warning: If you do not believe in such things as God, Lucifer, Angels or Satan, then you must understand there are great masses of people who do and their beliefs, and actions based on those beliefs can affect you directly. Ignorance will not absolve or protect you. It’s better to know something about these things so you can be prepared. This is the memo.

This story is an account of my time as a Scientologist and Sea Organization Member in the Church of Scientology. A Scientologist is a name The Church of Scientology gives its members who practice and submit to the doctrines of Scientology and Dianetics as authored by L. Ron Hubbard, the god of Scientology.

In the United States, the Church of Scientology is recognized as a religious institution and has been granted a special tax-exempt status that even some mainstream religions envy.

The Sea Organization is a Para military organization created by L Ron Hubbard to help him take over and recreate the world. Members of the Sea Organization wear uniforms similar to those worn by the United States Navy. The Sea Organization has a rank and ratings system nearly identical to that of the United States Navy. They also wear the same or similar insignia as the US Navy to distinguish themselves among one another. The Sea Organization is staffed by the most dedicated Scientologist who has signed a written contract to dedicate the next billion years of their existence in servitude to L Ron Hubbard and his personal goals for all human kind. Impressed yet?

L Ron Hubbard was enlisted in the United States Navy for a short time. There is sufficient verifiable documentation in his Navel record that indicates L Ron spent some time working for the US Navy Intelligence Department. L Ron created a formidable Intelligence Department to protect his newly created movements Dianetics and Scientology.

Recently the Church of Scientology has been featured in national news stories because of whistle blowers who were once at the very top of the elite Sea Organization. These once elite members are disclosing stories of torture, enslavement, corruption, physical abuse and murder. Despite all of the controversy, the Church of Scientology continues to attract some of the most famous known and unknown Hollywood Celebrities, Why?

I was officially in servitude to the Church of Scientology for 16 years. My servitude finally ended and I was allowed to leave the Sea Organization on Halloween Day, 1992. Since then, the life I live has been in complete reverse of the doctrines of Scientology and the servitude it demands.

This story is a discussion and documentation of a broad range subjects associated with the Church of Scientology and life itself. The subjects discussed and documented here include:

The Technology or the “Tech” as referred to in Scientology nomenclature. The “Tech” is the written word of the reasoning and ritual application of the Ideologies known as Dianetics and Scientology. The Tech is also the written codified record of instructions of how to perform the rituals and practices of Scientology. For a Scientologist, the importance of having and knowing the correct Technology can not be overstated due to the stringent mental conditioning applied over time to members.

Similar to the Christian Bible, the words of Scientology Technology are always printed in the color red. These writings are bound in dark, blood red colored reference books known as the Technology Volumes. These volumes have a Masonic symbol of a single large gold embossed pyramid with three horizontal lines drawn through the pyramid indicating levels. Other symbols on these volumes include conjoined triangles with the letter S near. These symbols are also embossed in gold. The Technology is the single basis for the existence of Dianetics and Scientology; it represents the lifeblood of the movement

The Technology of Scientology is highly valued and sought after by Scientologist. Similar to the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Mormon bibles; it offers total salvation through the teachings of its god, L Ron Hubbard. The Technology consists solely of the writings and lectures of L Ron Hubbard.

One of the main subjects I will discuss is my relationship with the god of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard. He is dead now and unlike other gods, has never resurrected. He did leave a message for his faithful followers saying he would return at a future date.

Included in the discussion will be L Ron’s biblical predictions of his self proclaimed role in the “End of Days” sequence for planet Earth as given in the Book of Revelations, King James Version. L Ron left a secret biblical prophecy that the great majority of Scientologist doesn’t know about themselves. This book will allow them to find out about it here.

There are some excellent previously published books on the Church of Scientology that exposes its underbelly. Each story tells of personal accounts of the daily life and routines inside Scientology and the disappointment of being deceived, abused and taken advantage of. This story of Scientology is different than those that have come before because it deals with the sacred doctrine of Hubbard’s philosophy referred to as the Technology. Again, every other aspect of the Church of Scientology exists solely to support the Technology. The Technology seems to attract high-powered Hollywood Celebrities and executives like flies to …candy. There is historical precedence for Celebrity attraction to the occult. The reason for this may be simple economics. It’s expensive to participate in the occult, esp. if you’re talking about Scientology, but I’m getting ahead of the story here.

I’ll also discuss the process of moving up the magic levels within Scientology. I guess becoming a “Higher Up” in any aspect of life has its privilege. I became a Higher Up in the inner circle of L Ron’s Military.

L Ron Hubbard was an active hands on kind of god for his created religion. He personally created and named all of the staff positions and titles for his church organizations.

A few short years before his death, L Ron Hubbard created what would be the last Technical staff position to preserve the precious Scientology Technology. He ordered his personal staff to find the most qualified and skilled adept from his advance level churches to fill the Technical position. Once found he wanted the adept brought to his secret facility near Hemet, CA, which is the international management headquarters for Dianetics and Scientology. The cover name for this location is “Golden Era Productions.” The idea was to bring the qualified adept near where L Ron intended to live to help him correct and train an international management team he was forming to take over his job of running the day-to-day operations of Scientology.

He called the new Technical position “Inspector General Cramming Officer”. An Inspector General Network was created as the Eye or top of the pyramid of all Scientology and Dianetics corporations; similar to the Inspector General’s in the Free Masons. Inspector Generals in the Free Masonic organization are at the very top of the pyramid at levels 30-33. Most Scientologists and Sea Org members don’t understand the correlation between Scientology and Free Masonry because this has been hidden from them. They will aggressively disavow Free Masonry and argue with you about it until they froth at the mouth but that doesn’t alter the facts. Alistair Crowley was an early mentor to L Ron Hubbard. Among other things Crowley was known to be a high level Free Mason Inspector General.

The current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige was charged with the duty of finding the perfect candidate for the new position and he did. That person ended up being me. Mercifully, this only lasted for about 5 years from 1982-1987. These years gave me an insight into L Ron and Scientology that I would have never gotten any other way so I guess I should be grateful for that. Much later I would understand there is impossible to find out what Scientology really is while being a member. It is strictly forbidden for Scientologist to read about or associated with any person or organization that contravenes its doctrine and tenets. For members, violators are subject to imprisonment in Scientology work camps. Individuals and organizations that oppose or question the authority and doctrine of Dianetics or Scientology are targeted for extinction by the Scientology Sea Organization’s Secret Service department.

That brings us to the next discussion and documentation. As some may understand, all mainstream religious organizations posses a secret intelligence department, some I know the names of and some I don’t. Probably the most known and notorious Intelligence Agency is the Israeli Mussed. There are also the Christian Jesuits and the Scientology Office of Special Affairs. Part of this discussion will be about my association with Scientology’s intelligence networks in their various forms and activities, actual identities are not withheld. I spent some years in Scientology learning the game of espionage and counter espionage. I learned tactics to eliminate an enemy target using legal and illegal means.  I was a trusted participant in the inner circle of the Sea Organization “Higher Up’s” for a time when I lost my faith.

There is also an ongoing discussion and documentation of my activism against abusive and deceptive tactics of Scientology I once practiced and supported as a Scientologist and Sea Org Member.

I’ve been writing this story for the last fourteen years. Sure didn’t always know how all of the pieces would fit together but I’ve managed to blend what was written with now, 2012.

I began to blend the pieces of the story together in March 2010. A brush with cancer nearly caused my death and put the project on hold for a year. I survived the threat and now in 2012 the writing continues.

The theme that binds this story is a conference I was invited to that was held in Hamburg, Germany. 

Part of this discussion is an account of how a small group of others and myself decided to take on Scientology and the Sea Org in some sort of modern day David and Goliath story. Things didn’t work out so well for us. We ended up getting the holy shit kicked out of us and money did not save us. It is a heartbreaking story and when it was over you’d think it was done but oh no! Some good people still left here on Earth banned together and picked up the torch.

You’ll find out who the Hero’s and the Villains of this story are soon enough. First I need to make special mention of two of the characters for the readers who know nothing about any of this so they can understand when I introduce material I’ve written earlier.

Marty Rathbun was the head of Scientology’s Secret Service for decades. He was preceded by L Ron Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue Hubbard and Jane Kember as heads of Scientology’s Secret Service. Both of these ladies were sent to prison for a time for taking the fall for L Ron Hubbard when some of his secret agents were caught and convicted for breaking and entering government officers in the United States of America. The Church of Scientology is an International Organization with franchise offices or churches in most European countries.

Besides a group of lawyers, Marty was the last person I talked to and sign papers with before I was allowed to walk out the doors of the Sea Org forever. After I left it became Marty’s job and priority to eradicate me in any way he could without implicating the church. Marty was very creative with his attempts to eradicate or silence me as an enemy target. We have done battle in courtrooms coast to coast across the USA. I also had to fight him on the streets by proxy. Private Investigators, Prostitutes, Gay Men Prostitutes, and police were at his hire and disposal to eliminate me as an enemy target. Some of these events and activities will be discussed and documented here.

Marty has since left the Church of Scientology in disgrace in the opinion of his former boss David Miscavige. Like many others, Marty had to run away to get away. Sometimes this is the only way you can leave Scientology but this is still not a guarantee. They will find the escaped person and bring them back. This is how it was for me before I was allowed to walk out.

Mike Rinder is another name you’ll read and I’ll introduce him. Mike Rinder was the President and Public Relations spokesman within the Sea Organization for the Church of Scientology International for many years. I have known of Mike for decades. I say known of him because while we were around or near each other for years we never had any direct interaction with one another.  I had plenty of congress with his ex wife Cathy Rinder. I write that tongue in cheek but Cathy and I have gone coast to coast here in the USA doing what Sea Org members refer to as Sea Org missions.  In essence most Sea Org missions involve the hostile takeover of one of its own church organizations or franchise units for a short time to make it produce more income.

I had gone on these types of missions with Cathy Rinder as the In-Charge and me as the Technical Person to Scientology Organizations in Seattle, WA, San Diego, CA and cities in between. We knew each other as human beings, not lovers. I respect her as a person to this day.

For a short time in recent history, Mike Rinder became the head of the Sea Org Secret Service when it operated under the name Office of Special Affairs. He played an active role in perusing a small group of others and myself who opposed Scientology and the Sea Organization to extinction.  Some of the activities Rinder employed to cause that extinction are discussed here.

I’ll also discuss and document criminal activities I participated in on behalf of Scientology and the Sea Organization. I am not a self-deprecating human being and it is not my intent to condemn anyone mentioned here since I am using actual names. I present this story for the purpose of information and to serve as a warning to the next potential unsuspecting victim. Again, this is the memo.

I’ll also discuss what I know about a cultural phenomenon known for aggressively fighting against nameless oppressors with their own nameless faces. The phenomenon calls itself Anonymous. 

This story opens with a conference held in Hamburg Germany, in the spring of 2010:

Now it begins.

Saturday, December 31, 2011


I’ve Got Some News!

Since I posted the results of a cat scan I’d gotten three weeks after completing chemo treatments at the end of September, I’ve been on a kind of “break” from it all. There was yet another imaging test I needed to take to verify there were no tumors left in my spinal area. I had to wait until 6 weeks had passed since my last chemo treatment before I could take the test. I took that test on 11 November, and got the results back on 28 Nov.

Prior to my ordeal with cancer, I’d had little to no direct contact with anyone who had the disease. There was one friend I knew and had direct contact with who had been treated for prostate cancer. He didn’t really talk about it much and his condition did not prevent him from continuing his job as a tractor-trailer operator. Like everyone else I know, Paul kept his illness private. The practice of not talking about a serious illness (like cancer) beyond immediate family seems to be part of the culture.

To many times I’ve find out someone was sick after they were dead! I know I’ve gone to a funeral or two and heard people say they didn’t even know the deceased person was ill.

I have my fair share of friends and people I know. It’s been interesting to observe their reaction to my illness. Sometimes, when I would talk to a friend about my illness the person would just get all quiet. When they did speak they’d whisper. I could see and feel the fear my friends felt for me. There is a feeling of loss associated with finding out someone you know and have love for is seriously ill. In most cases there is nothing the person finding out can do to change the condition of the friend and loved one. There may be a feeling of helplessness that can evoke uncomfortable emotions. No matter how great your day or life may be going, bad news can be very disarming and has the potential of “changing” everything on an emotional level.

Well I guess we all know I am not a person that decided to hide my illness. And it was not my intention to go so public with it either. Like others who have gone on to write a book, I was in the process of writing and publishing my book as a blog. In March of 2011, I started posting “chapters” of my book once a month. As the story unwound, it became easier for me to write raw like that. The story seemed to take on a life of its own. I was just the person assembling the information and doing the typing if that makes sense. I was halfway through the story. Then I became ill with what I’d later learn was a super aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer and it was in an advanced stage.
The story itself was gaining traction beginning with the first chapter. In case you missed it, here’s the link:

I got a lot of encouragement from friends and people that I didn’t know to continue to write and I did. Some people were impatiently waiting for and demanding the next chapter before I could get them out and that felt great. When I got ill, that ended the writing.

As soon as I could I had to explain why I had not written in a while to people who were following the story and I did:

That is how and why my ordeal became so public. After all of that huge distraction I’m getting back to writing the story again. I’d planned on writing maybe two books, but one book is all it will take. The first part of the book is done. The second part of the book will be about the last four years of dead L Ron’s life. No one so far has written anything about that and that’s where I’m going with it for all the reasons mentioned at the end of the final chapter I’d written. Here it is in case you missed it:

Seven months have passed since I’ve actually written anything about the story itself.

This brings me back to letting you know the results of the last imaging procedure I had to look for any remnant tumors in my spine, lungs or any of the areas affected by the cancer. The results came back negative. There are no remnant tumors and the cancer is in full remission.
My Oncologist is a down to earth type of person and she’s been a tremendous help to me. She is also very modest. As she gave me the news of the cancer being in full remission she got that look on her face again that I take for modesty. She told me out of all of the case files she has access to concerning my type of cancer, no one had made a complete recovery after 6 chemo treatments like I had, given how advanced the disease was when I was finally diagnosed . She just looked at me and said God loves you and is your friend. Until that point, she’d never expressed any religious or faith based opinion about my treatment.

November, 28 is when I was told the results from the second more thorough imaging test done 6 weeks after my final chemo treatment. Again, no tumors were in evidence so I am in the recovery phase of my treatment. Now I’m in the process of recovering from the chemo process itself as well as the cancer. I can now begin my physical therapy in Ernst to recover my strength. I really miss the physical strength I use to have and can hardly wait for it to return.

So that’s the current news about all that. There are only a couple of issues that I want to tell you about before moving on and I’ll try to be as brief as possible.

As a result of this experience I have a new overview of my life. A major paradigm shift in my thinking has occurred. On or about the second or third day after I was admitted in the hospital I had a death experience. Everything seemed to happen just as I’d read about in books or seen on TV. I detached from and then turned around and saw my sick body lying in the bed looking awful. A great and peaceful spirit came and guided me through what seemed to be a tunnel with a point of light at the end of it. I was given an opportunity to review the life I’d lived so far in the presence and comfort of the great and peaceful spirit.

At the time I didn’t know how to address or what to call this Great Spirit that just radiated love and peace. The Great Spirit let me know the question of whom and what it was was the least of my immediate concerns and that issue would be dealt with at a later point. In that moment I felt all of my routines, all of my obligations and “Now I suppose to’s” began to melt and fade away from me. I experience clarity of consciousness that I’d never had but somehow it was oddly familiar. Please have mercy on me with trying to explain in words what happened because I don’t think there are words to describe it, you just have to be there and see it to know it.
I could go on and on about that and maybe I will. I’m certain the right course for me now is to complete the book project to the best of my ability. I’ll end by saying this about that. I know without question this was no dream, or drug induced hallucination.

This was the beginning of an actual relationship with an all knowing and loving peaceful spirit that is with me to this day. I’m certain this was no hallucination or onetime event because of the way my life began change and is still changing.

What happened next manifested as the raw materials that make dreams come true and brings me to my second point. Angels and Saints came to aid and comfort me, I’ll try to explain who these Angels and Saints are in the order and sequence they manifested.

Last May as the illness began to take hold I was pretty much bed ridden. I had no idea that cancer was overtaking my spine and nervous system. Normally, I work at the US Postal Service here in Chicago. I was about to begin again in September but this was no longer an option. I was on unemployment barely making it as it was.

Then I was in the hospital ready to be dead. I had no health insurance and no life insurance. I couldn’t even afford to die, WTF! Time moved on anyway and I learned to appreciate life on a daily basis for what seems like a very long time.

My brother Ron Prince came to my rescue and took care of me on a daily basis in every way. I’m not married and I was not in any real relationship with anyone else so he picked up the slack. He made sure I ate every day, helped me to start walking again and took me to every doctor’s appointment I needed to go to until I got better months later. Ron is my younger brother so this was a humbling experience for me and I am more than grateful for his kindness.

My daughter Cleo came to my rescue while I was in the hospital and afterwards as well. She was there for my first surgery (biopsy of a cancer tumor in my spine) and physically held me while it was done. She had to drive for hours to get to Chicago to do all of this. She took over as my legal caretaker at the hospital and worked with my doctors to make decisions I couldn’t make for myself. She brought her mother and my grandchildren to see me while I was bedridden in the hospital. As a result we have all grown much closer as humans and as a family and for this I am so grateful and thankful beyond words.

As part of the last chapter I’d written for my book, I’d asked for donations to help me complete the project. After being hospitalized for three weeks, then coming home I was unable to sit in a chair for weeks. One day as I was practicing sitting in a chair I quickly checked my email messages. To my shock and amazement someone had sent me a nice size donation and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Paraphrased, the person said here is something to help with these difficult times. I’ve read about you for some time and appreciate the work you have done to help others.

I thought, maybe this has to be someone that I know but I didn’t know who it could be. I didn’t ask any direct questions because I felt that would be disrespectful to the person who was giving. I thanked the person as best I could. At the time I was getting my second chemo treatment and I told the person about my treatment schedule. From that point forward when I’d get home from having chemo for hours I’d come home and just sleep for a day or two. Before I’d go to bed, I’d check my email and every time on the day of my treatment that person sent me the same amount to help with the bills that were piling up and my special needs. This made water fly out of my eyes every time in gratitude and humility.

This was a perfect way to teach me something about unconditional love and responsibility. I’m still learning from it. As it turns out, it’s a person I’ve never physically met before or known anything about, a perfect stranger to me. We have since shared more information with each other and for me it’s starting to feel like a friend I’ve known for a long, long time. This person has helped make a huge difference in my recovery.

On a personal level, I think this person knows how much I appreciate the help so I’m not writing here to convince them of anything. I’m writing this so that everyone else who has been with me during these difficult times knows that I am not alone and have not been alone in this battle. In my life, I’ve only known one other person that could afford to be as kind to me as this person is and his name was Bob Minton. As we all know, Bob was killed for his kindness so I have no intention of putting that person out there by name.

I won’t belabor how horrible it feels to go through chemo treatments but its damn painful and not a pretty sight to behold. Towards the end of my chemo another Angel came and helped me so much. Her name is Shelia Hueber!
Sheila came to me all the way from Australia and selflessly helped nursed me back to health. Sheila is an actual nurse! I say selflessly because she came back to America to act as a nurse to her mother who was terminally ill with inoperable lung and brain cancer. Shelia and one of her sisters acted as on sight nurses for their mother’s end of life care. Sheila and her sister would divide the week between them. During the days that Sheila had off, she would drive two hours to come and see me and stay for a day or two.

Shelia and I first met in 1977. She was a 16 year old girl assigned to the PAC RPF with me and 180 others. We talked about this and she reminded me of things I’d long forgotten. During the renovation of Big Blue (Scientology building complex in LA) I ran a crew of other’s who did the actual internal construction, primarily building walls and such. Sheila told my brother and friends that I was some sort of mason when it came to construction and how I’d teach others the trade. I remember her as being a loud ball of energy and she’d climb up just about anything. She reminded me that my nick name for her was “little Monkey!”

Sheila said she remembered me as a guy with big muscles that could get things done. What a shock it was for her to see me as skin and bones with no hair barely able to walk. She never even blinked. She took me and fed me and helped me to start walking again.

I can’t remember how many times Sheila drove the two hours to and from my apartment. I do remember her driving me to my doctor’s appointments more than once. Sheila was the person that took me to my first appointment to get a cat scan to see if my tumors were gone.

Sheila made me get up and take her to a Blues Club here in Chicago and we did that a couple of times. We’d go to different restaurants trying to find food that I could taste and enjoy. She’d just take over when she’d come over and had everyone admiring her where I live. I didn’t know Sheila had skills with the Tarot cards and she did a lot of readings.

Sheila’s mother passed and it was time for her to go back home to Australia. That’s the way I’ll tell it anyway but she was magnificent to me and made me feel good about myself when I was at an extreme low. I am so grateful for the love she showed me and shared with me, it helped to bring me back to life. Thank you my Sheila.

So during the worst of it I always had family and friends nearby on a regular basis. One person I’ll mention is Jon Horwich. I met Jon in the early 80’s during my time at Golden Era Productions (Scientology facility in Hemet, CA). Jon’s father-in-law was dead L Ron. Jon is the only other person from that era that lives in Chicago. Jon is a great friend and I’m happy to have him around.

Another old friend came to see me while I was in the middle of my chemo treatment, Bill Dendui. I first met Bill in 1979. I was walking down the street. I was not running I was walking, eating a tuna fish sandwich when I heard the voice of God… That line is part of a monologue Richard Prior did describing when he first met God. I believe it’s from Richards performance from his ground breaking comedy album “That Nigga’s Crazy!” I’d listened to it so many times that I’d memorized most of it.
In the spring of 1979, I was transferred from Scientology Big Blue in Los Angeles to a Scientology facility in Florida known as the “Flag Land Base”. Bill was a Messenger of dead L Ron which in Scientology world was analogous to angels as messengers of the Christian God and that’s not a stage joke, in Scientology world.

Dead L Ron’s Messengers and Messenger Organizations were feared and revered in Scientology world. Bill was Messenger and he came to see me. I was the Internship Supervisor of all Flag auditor’s in training. Bill wanted priority consideration for getting the other Messengers in his organization auditing from the interns. Oh he also had to explain all his power and authority to me too! We were the same age and come to find out, we both had memorized that Richard Prior album. We would laugh ourselves to tears repeating that crazy ass monologue. Then we’d laugh about the crazy ass women we were married to and the crazy ass people we had to work for. If only for a while, Richard Prior’s comedy could suspend and disarm Scientology world completely.

Over the years we became good friends, got new wives and new jobs from Florida to the “secret” Scientology world located in Hemet, CA. Again, come to find out things only got stranger and worst. My final point about Bill is this; we never turned on or disowned one another for Scientology or dead L Ron’s sake. God knows we were tested but we never let our personal friendship diminish I guess in part because we were so much alike.
I hadn’t seen Bill since I left Scientology in 1992, but we’d talked on the phone. When Bill came to see me I was pretty much bed ridden and physically depleted which I know was a shock to him. We laughed and talked as if no time had passed at all and that really sent my spirit flying. Bill coming to visit meant a lot to me.

About two months after Bill’s visit, he suffered a stroke that left him injured. Bill spent some time in the hospital and physical therapy has not been easy for him. As soon as I could I went to visit him at his home in Los Vegas. I posted pictures of that meeting on my facebook page. Bill is on his way back and he’s doing fine.

Besides all the locals that keep me company, I had another old friend Brian Haney came to check up on me. Brian has always been a true friend to me. He is one of the first to get me out of my bed and out trying to eat and do things. It was a blessing to hang out with him for a day.
The final and equally important factor that got me through the tribulation was all of the people that contacted me via snail mail, email, phone and facebook. Because of the injury to my spine it has taken awhile for me to be able to sit comfortably in a chair. I had to relearn how to sit in the least amount of pain if you can imagine that. I used facebook as a connection to the outside world beyond my bedroom door.

There were hundreds of people that took the time to wish me well or be kind in some way. Many said they were saying prayers for me. Call me crazy, but all the love people were sending me manifested as a presence that never left me lonely. I’ve been reading some material about the power of concentrated thought and I’m learning about the power that can be generated using thought alone.

So that’s an up-to-date from me. I’m spending my time recovering and it takes time. For some reason I seem to think I can do anything I want to, then reality sets in and I sit by ass down somewhere for a while. In a way, I feel so lucky having cheated death the way I did, hope he’s not to mad about it.

I also want to mention that I got a really nice message of support from Marty Rathbun’s wife, Monique right from the beginning. She offered assistance from her and Marty despite our differences of opinion. This was an excellent gesture on the part of the Rathbun’s and I thanked them for the kind consideration.

So I’m going through what I’ve written so far and editing it. I’ve figured out a title for the book. I’m going to call it “The Expert” because I alone hold the distinction of testifying in a court of law as an expert on the subject of Scientology while I was in it and I continued to hold that distinction as an expert about Scientology after I left the movement in court rooms from Florida to California.

I know I’ve been saying it and saying it, but what I have coming for you will not disappoint. I’m still trying to process all that has happened in the last 6 months. I do still not understand how all that getting real sick and then getting real well in such a short amount of time happened. There are many more people that I could mention and thank for their help and encouragement but the fact of the matter is I’m just tired of writing about it now.

As I go through with completing the story, I’ll continue to write on my blog as well just to stay in touch and talk about something else besides Scientology sometime. There is so much excitement in the world and I want to join the discussion!

Thank you all so much for the support and I’m really looking forward to sharing this New Year with all who visit here.

Happy New Year to all,
Jesse Prince
December 30, 2011